Welcome to the Dungeon. I am your gracious host, the Nightmare Lord, lover of all things terrible. Join me every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as I destroy my sanity with some of the worst movies ever made, and rant about them. Luckily for you people, I’ve been feeling a little too sane of late, so I’ve been watching especially awful movies lately, and even better, I’m going to let you tell me what you want me to watch, so let me know what media atrocities you want me to subject myself to. That said, you should keep in  mind that shitty sci-fi and horror will make up a significant portion of what I review here, and, interspersed between incoherent ranting though they may be, there WILL be spoilers, so if you don’t like that, well tough shit. This goes doubly so if you’re offended by vulgarity.

Got all that, maggots?


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